Discover Amazing Python Resources FOR FREE!

Discover Amazing Python Resources FOR FREE!

Make your Learning Process easier!!!

What if I told you You can learn Python in ONLY three weeks?


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In this Article, You gonna get one of the easiest Python Learning Roadmap and Resources for Free. Make sure to follow up for more articles coming. That's it! Let's get down to Business!

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Brief Description of Python

If you just come from my article on Learning Python in 2022! (Business Perspective), You've already known much on the subject.

In a nutshell, Python is one of the easiest programming languages to get started with. For this reason, the community keeps growing every month, with a market value of over $10 Billion.

So, why not get the Resources you really need for the Journey???


Get what You really need

As they are plenty of them, here are the two main resources you can use as references to go and check according to what you need:

Refresh the memory with the Fundamentals

Without the fundamentals, there is no way to bring innovation, meaning there is a necessity of getting a foundation. Here are the main resources:

Videos Resources

FreeCodeCamp Beginners Course

Corey Schafer Beginners Python Videos Series

Start Building Projects

Community Resources

FreeCodeCamp Python Community

Python Sub-reddit to ask for help

Docs Resources

Python Official Docs

DevDocs Python

Python for Web Development

Here you have all You need for your Backend Journey. Don't overthink, use this and start building stuff:

Interested in Flask App Development?

Videos Resources

Corey Schafer Beginners Flask Videos Series

Build a CRUD APP with Python Engineer

Community Resources

Coding, but Stuck with some bugs? Here is the Solution, Go and ask the Community:

Flask Subreddit Community

Python Subreddit Community

Docs Resources

Awesome Flask Links

Flask for your Project

Flask Latest Docs

Django App Development

Videos Resources

Corey Schafer Beginners Django Videos Series

FreeCodeCamp Djajngo for Beginners

Community Resources

Coding, but Stuck with some bugs? Here is the Solution, Go and ask the Community:

Django Subreddit Community

Django Community

Docs Resources

Django Official Docs


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