How I built a Headless CMS Business

How I built a Headless CMS Business

Discover how to build a Business using Headless CMS

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Hey, there! This is Kenn, Your Daily Advocate, Business Partner, and Friend from CodeWithKenn! Welcome to the Blog! Make yourself at home!


In this article, I'm about to share with you how I launched a Freelance Business a year and a half ago, working remotely with my clients, after learning Jamstack Technologies (working with Headless CMS).

My Software Engineering Journey

I've been working with Web Development after discovering the Opportunities behind Web Technologies when I was in my Home Country (Republic Democratic of Congo), since 2018.

I Learnt HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. After working on some small projects, I got into React JS Library in 2019.

I came into the Jamstack industry (especially Headless CMS) at the end of the year 2020, after being challenged by the Job Industry; I couldn't get a job, but I need to have my skills tested and improved.

I started reading some articles and following Freelance Developers Podcasts, which lead me to decide to start my own business, without forgetting my main Goal is to be a Developer who helps and supports other Developers.

Since then, I've been working with Clients (Private Projects, and Public ones) and sharing that in Public on Linkedin and Twitter. That helped me to get a niche network of People interested in working with me.

Here I am to help you get started with Headless CMS and React Technologies (Ecosystem).

How to get started with Headless CMS Business

This section is divided into two parts: The Business Side and The Technical Part.

Business Side of things

Are you planning to start Freelancing?

  • Find a Niche, you'll never regret it, but that doesn't always work at the beginning. For my case, I decided to help Small Businesses Owners to have an online presence by providing Services. You have to pick some special services and domains in which you'd like to help people.

  • Learn Negotiation, you'll get what you want: It's a skill to have to discuss even the pricing models. I use Negotiation as a way to help my clients to feel free to speak and have a great space of opportunities I'm offering. ⭐ Give at least Two Pricings (The simple one and the Upgraded one).

  • Don't be afraid of fixing a high price, because you'll help a business to succeed and generate more profit. That's the Goal.

Technical Side of things

- Learn ReactJS after learning JavaScript: This will help you build a Websites Frontend efficiently.

You can start learning here: ⚡ Learn ReactJS From Crash

- Learn GraphQL: This will help you build Communicate between the Headless CMS and the Frontend you're gonna build.

You can start learning here: ⚡ Learn GraphQL From Crash

- Learn GatsbyJS: A ReactJS Framework, this will make your job easier because it comes with a lot of Resources and Plugins ready-to-work-with.

You can start learning here: ⚡ Learn Gatbsy JS From Crash

- Learn UI and UX Design: Learn how to design User Interfaces before Starting to code. This will simplify your Work and bring client satisfaction.

You can start learning here: ⚡ Learn UI/UX with Figma

- Learn How to Choose the Right Headless CMS for Your Project: Working with different clients on different projects, and each project has its own requirements, it becomes harder to pick and choose the best Headless CMS for your Project.

Sometimes, it's because of the complexity of the features a Headless CMS can provide, or the number of Headless CMS available on the market.

You can read this article for more: ⚡ What is the Right Headless CMS?

This is all you need to get started with the Business.

Things to never forget

Here are things to never forget to learn, improve, and sell to your potential clients:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Websites Analytics (Services like Plausible can help, but choose whatever is suitable to you)

  • Converting a Gatsby Website to a Progressive Web App

  • Writing some Articles, Or Creating Blogs

Alright! Thanks for Reading!

Stay tuned! More articles are coming out! Feel free to follow, comment, and share the articles to support me 🤙

Here is my Business Website:

👉 WebContract Business for Headless CMS

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